Digital identity and payments for all.

Secure and simple way to pay and prove your identity.

How it works


For Individuals

For Businesses

Omni channel

identity verification

and payment acceptance.

Through an easy to integrate SDKs, APIs and white-label solutions, businesses can safely carry age and identity checks and accept payments in seconds online, over-the-phone and in-person.

Accepting 1000s of documents, our identity checks include document scanning and data extraction by OCR and nfc chip verification, biometric matching, authenticity and tamper checks.

Wristbands for identity and payments

Our unique wristbands help schools, care homes, charities and NGOs to run their own identity and attendance management. 

Our COVID response

Credential Issuance Toolkit

Our credential issuance toolkit enables healthcare providers to issue and update verifiable prescriptions and test results directly to customers wallet.

Enrolment PODs

Our enrolment PODs are securely designed for on-boarding, biometrics and documents collection, and issuing online and offline credentials.

Document Scanner.
Fingerprint Scanner.
Face Scanner.
Iris Scanner.
Best fits: Governments, Financial Institutions, Health, FastTrack events.

Secure app for proving your identity and making payments.

PASSiD's self-sovereign digital wallet stores your personal and payment details and other credentials, encrypted and secured by your biometrics so only you can access them.

When you need to prove your age, identity or other details about yourself, you can securely share just the details required without revealing everything about yourself.


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    PASSiD celebrates processing 1M EGP

    PASSiD celebrates processing 1M EGP in qr-code transactions from payment on-delivery.


    PASSiD partners with Microblink

    PASSiD partnered with Microblink to bring global identity document data extraction to PASSiD services. Bundled with PASSiD's own...


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