Instant Identity Verification for your Business and Customers

Benefits of Integrating with PASSiD


Identity Verification

Instantly verify your customer's identity Online, OverThePhone and OnPremise.

Age Verification

Verify your customers age for any age restricted content or premises


Let your customers login with a secure way using biometrics

Omni Channel Payment

Accept payment Online, OverThePhone and InStore.

eKYC & AML Checks

Enable faster on-boarding and run instant KYC and AML checks

Liveness Detection

Minimize fraud and verify that your customer is a real person

Biometric Matching

Match your customer to current details you hold

Use Cases



On-board customers for new account while they are at home

Ride Sharing

Let your drivers and passengers verify each other's identity before they share a ride

Mobile Wallet

Instantly on-board customers without being on-premise 

Social and Dating

Eliminate fake accounts, by only allowing customers with verified identity details.


Verify your customers identity for services online or on-premise

Classifieds & eCommerce

Let your customers verify other individuals online before they meet


Build a secure EMR and protect patient records with biometrics


Instantly check your visitors age at booking and entry without asking for an ID.

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