Your smart

digital wallet.

All you need to prove who you are and make payments online, over-the-phone and in-person.

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Secure by design

Understanding how important and private is your information, we developed PASSiD from the ground up with bank-grade encryption. Making it harder for unwanted to access your information.

You hold all the keys to your information. Only you can access your details and choose when and what to do with it.

Rewarding by nature

Everytime you pay you earn rewards ranging from gift cards & discounts to instant cashback.

Create your PASSiD

Only once.. and use it again and again.

1. Get our app. 

2. Verify your phone number and choose a 6 digit PIN. 

3. Take a 3D scan of your face to secure your account.

4. Save your recovery key and file.

... You are done ... 🎉

Secured by

your biometrics.


Tamper proof, reusable verifiable  digital identity

Safest place to recieve, store and share your information anything from membership ID, tickets, to medical test result and prescriptions.

Where to use

Faster cashless - cardless payments

Pay with your phone or biometrics wherever PASSiD is accepted

online, in-store and on-delivery.


Security you can trust

Certified to securely handle your information

Certified to provide complete protection for your payments

What can you do with your PASSiD

Prove your identity

Prove your identity to businesses and other individuals. You can share only the details that they request.

Send, receive and make payments

You can send, receive money, split and make payments. You can also link your payments to your biometrics and make faster payments in-store.

Share your credentials

You can use PASSiD to store, show and share credentials you receive from other trusted entities on our network. (Medical records, Tickets, Work Credentials). 

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