PASSiD Partners With PayMob Accept

PASSiD has partnered with PayMob Accept to launch PASSiD's unique payment service "PASSPay", the new, most secure and innovative way to make and accept payments. The partnership will enable PASSiD to introduce biometric payment and QrCode/NFC mobile payment service, it will also enable PASSiD to integrate PASSPay services into Accept's POS.

PASSPay will allow consumers to make payments using their biometrics (Fingerprints, Face or Eyes) or through their phone, removing the need for them to carry their cards or remember different PINs. Through PASSPay consumer will be able to budget their spending and share their payment methods with family members without sharing a physical card or any card info.

As for businesses, PASSPay empowers them with all new innovative means for accepting payment InStore, Online, OverThePhone, and OnDelivery. Helping businesses focus on what's important, increasing revenue, customer satisfaction and mitigating fraud while removing the headache of handling card payments, paper-receipts, working with multiple POS, carrying bulky ones out on OnDelivery or worrying about their battery level.

PASSPay service will be launching a pilot soon in some Universities, Hotels and Supermarkets. Customers will be able to pay directly with their fingerprints or their phones without the need to carry their cards or remember PINs.

If you are a business and interested to know more about PASSPay solution. Send us an email on